Francesco 'ascii' Ongaro

Independent Security Researcher, Hacker, CEO of ISGroup SRL


I hack stuff. I build stuff. That’s what I love and I’ve been doing for 20 years.

I’ve always had passion for computers. They fashinated me. Back in 1994, the advent of a dialup connections opened a whole word of opportunities and knowledge. The underground was glory at the time.

In 2000 some friends and I created USH, an independent hacking, security and research group. I learned a lot and witnessed the advent of ITSEC.

In 2010 I founded ISGroup, a buitique Information Security company.




I had the pleasure to be part of many conferences as a speaker, including CCC Chaos Communication Congress, International Journalism Festival, ESC End Summer Camp, MOCA Metro Olografix CAmp, Infosecurity, Università di Pisa, Università di Verona, Università di Camerino.

  • Ringobongo LTD Annual Report 2014 Moca 20 Metro 0lografix 2014
  • Non chiamateci smanettoni! Playboy Italia 2009
    Playboy Cover
    Playboy Article Francesco Ongaro
  • Terminal Madness: High level of ownage coming from the terminal End Summer Camp (ESC) 2009
  • Bypassing Web Application Firewalls (WAF) Università degli studi di Camerino - Security Date 2009
  • Lollobox, hardened notebook system Università degli studi di Camerino & CameLug - GNU/Linux come punto di forza 2009
  • Tricks: Makes you smile v4 Chaos Computer Club (CCC) - Chaos Communication Congress 2008
    Playboy Article Francesco Ongaro
  • IT Security agency essentials Storia di un Penetration Test immaginario Università di Pisa - Real life security 2008
  • Web Application Security Bug Hunting e Code Review Università di Pisa - Real life security 2008
  • Tricks: Makes you smile v3 End Summer Camp (ESC) 2008
  • Linux physical (in)security LugVR - LinuxDay Verona 2008
  • Tricks: Makes you smile v2 Metro Olografix Summer Camp (MOCA) 2008
  • Lollobox: free and happy as a butterfly Metro Olografix Summer Camp (MOCA) 2008
  • Tricks: Makes you smile v1 HAT - Relax underground is dead (HAT) 2008
  • Get hacked: pericoli della navigazione Linuxpersec 2 2007
  • Secure MySQL Clusters End Summer Camp (ESC) 2006
  • Exif phun End Summer Camp (ESC) 2006
  • Hardening di un ambiente LAMP LinuxDay Verona 2006


Feel free to contact me by mail ascii A@T ush D.O.T it or on LinkedIn.